The Hike

Hike for Hospice is an annual charity fundraising event organised since 1992, and is one of the major fundraising events of the Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care.  Each of those years the funds raised have gone into providing palliative hospice care and bereavement support for families with loved ones facing life-limiting illnesses, and education to promote understanding of life and death.

What’s so special about Hike for Hospice?

Hike for Hospice is a community hike.  We may not have the longest route or steepest slopes, but with a choice of three routes differing in length, each with beautiful scenery, we have something for the whole family, including a route pleasant enough for our furry friends.

We may not be the only hiking event on this planet that serves curry lunch.  But our long-time hikers told us that it is our delectable curry that lures them back.

We will be hiking for hospice for 25 years.  Vigorous hikers still brave the hills annually for this worthy cause because they know every step along the way counts.

Why we can continue doing it for over two decades?

Hike for Hospice started off informally in 1992, with an intrepid hiker having made an epic ramble across 52 hills of more than 450 metres to raise funds for the Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care.  Now each year hundreds of community members of all ages and from different walks of life come together to give their support to people with life-limiting illness and inspire others to hike in memory of a loved one or in celebration of life.

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