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Diamond Sponsors    鑽石贊助
Platinum Sponsors    白金贊助
Crown      EF Logo 4C V       Kadoorie       
      SHKP         Wharf
Gold Sponsors   黃金贊助
Premium Corporate Sponsor   卓越企業贊助
 Goldman Sachs
Prize Sponsors   禮品贊助
In-kind and Media Sponsors   物資及傳媒贊助
Gatorade         The Kowloon Daily     MEKO
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Supporting Sponsors   其他贊助
 CR logo_RMB        HKT       seiko-logo   CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR
Supporting Organisations   義務團體
St John’s Ambulance
Hamilton Advisors Limited
Hong Kong Adventure Corps
Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
RHKR The Volunteers Association
The Green Earth


Get Involved

Do you want to put your love into actions for the terminal patients and the people going through the pain of the loss of a loved ones?