Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Hike?

Sunday, 4 October 2020. Registration counter opens at 8:15 am. All hikers are expected to arrive at No. 2 Barbecue Site, Tai Tam Country Park before 8:15 am.

Can I hike with my friends?

Please encourage them to register as a hiker.

Is there any age limit?

For those under 18, there must be an adult companion for the Hike. There is no upper limit of age. The short route is a manageable distance for all ages.

How can I check the state of my registration/get verified?

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you upon successful registration. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail to verify. If you haven’t received any confirmation e-mail, please login to our website (instructions) and click resend confirmation.

I think I might register late. Would last minute entries be accepted?

It’s best to register early. Once the year’s quota is filled, we will close our registration. Participation quota varies each year, depending on the hike location and the capacity of our logistic support.

Can I withdraw from the Hike?

If you won’t be able to participate on the event day, we encourage you to find someone to take your place. Please contact us as soon as possible regarding your alternative arrangement. If you cannot find someone to take your place and would like to withdraw your registration, the donation amount paid cannot be refunded.

How can I view my results?

The time records for individuals and teams will be posted on our website approximately within one week after the event. For those who have not completed the route or have not registered at the Finish Counter, no time record will be made and posted.

Can I walk the course casually? Is there a time limit to the Hike?

There is no time limit for the Hike, but we usually clear up the site and return it to normal at 3pm.

Is the terrain hilly? If I’m not confident doing the full course can I do a shorter route?

The terrain has some steep climbs and slopes and can be hard for some. We have three choices of length for Hikers of different abilities, all with a certain amount of challenge.

Should I bring my own food, water supplies?

Please bring your own food and water. Please take fluids regularly during your journey.

Can I bring an animal companion? I would like to have my dog walk with me.

You are welcome to bring your furry companions along to the Hike for some outdoor activity. Do ask your family and friends to donate to support you and your furry friend.

What would the weather be like on the day?

Please check the weather reports made by the HK Observatory. We will also advise all hikers on the day’s weather conditions.

What gear I should get equipped with for the Hike?

Wear comfortable, worn-in mountain boots. For socks, choose synthetic or wool ones. Stay away from cotton as it induces swelling of the foot which can be uncomfortable.

Anything else I should pay special attention to?

  • Pace yourself and don’t push your body at start,
  • Don’t go off track,
  • Wear sunblock, insect repellent,
  • Don’t litter!

Is the Hike competitive? Are there any prizes?

Some hikers do race each other up the hills and compete for our super hiker awards. But for all others, you’ve strained and sweated for charity, and you need something to show for it!

Awards will be given to the Corporate Challenge, Alumni Challenge, Team and Individual with the best, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up scores, and the highest amount raised in Team and Individual categories.

How can I help raise more funds to support hospice care?

You may direct family and friends to our Hike website to donate. Their donations will go directly to Hike for Hospice to boost your team/individual fundraising efforts, without the hassle of your chasing people up for their donation pledges. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to share pictures and messages of your efforts in raising funds for hospice.

Also, simply ask for your employer’s support – tell your employer that this is a worthy cause.

How do I make the donation?

Please donate online through the online donation platform on this website, or send either crossed cheque (Cheque Payee:The Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care) or bank transfer receipt (HSBC 002-3-365638) together with the Sponsorship Form to the Society by mail on or before 23 October 2020.


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