How to Register and Track the result

1.      Register: Register HERE with details on your participating category. All participants must complete the online registration with correct email address, postal address and mobile number.

2.      Set up: Successful registrants can set-up dedicated fund-raising page in appeal for friends and families’ donation and support.

3.      Record: Complete and record your selected trails with any smart devices, mobile apps (if applicable).

4.      Upload: Send us your record through uploading onto the event website in “Participant Dashboard”.

5.      Share: Share with us your trail walk photo on social media, set as a public post and tag #HikeForHospiceHK as well as your friends to spread the joy.

6.      Collect: Upon finishing the campaign and verifying the result, participants will receive E-certificate.


How to record and upload my result?

1.     You must use the GPS-enabled mobile devices/apps to record the mileage gained. Each mileage record uploaded must clearly show the date, distance (in KM, only integral number is accepted), duration (in minutes) and route. If the uploaded mileage record cannot show the exercise date, participant must record the correct Date in Participant Dashboard. The Organizer regrets that records from running machines/ treadmills will not be accepted.

2a. Virtual Race      Submit your time, distance, locations, the date of completion and upload the corresponding mileage record in your Participant Dashboard within 00:00 on 1 April to 23:59 on 30 April 2022. Mileage records generated and uploaded outside the said period will NOT be accepted and verified by SPHC.

2b. In-person Race       Submit your time and upload the corresponding mileage record in your Participant Dashboard after the race.

3.     If you failed to login or upload files in your Participant Dashboard, you can send the files to us by email ( instead.

4. Suggested Mobile App


5. Mileage Record Sample



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