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The same old days….
Family reunion in the ensuite of JCHH
- Story of Ms Ho's family

As Uncle Ho’s condition worsened, he was admitted to a public hospital. People sharing the same ward passed away one after the other which severely frightened Uncle Ho. “My father had tried escape once and for a number of times, he begged me ‘Get me out of here please! This place is so terrifying!’”

Candy, Uncle Ho’s daughter, felt really bad and thus, searched hard on the web to find him an option. She landed on the Jockey Club Home for Hospice (JCHH) and decided to seek their support.

After being admitted to JCHH, the Ho’s family established great rapport with the care team. Doctors cracked jokes with Uncle Ho which made him feel very much at home. Candy even called the nurses and support staff brothers and sisters – the very professional “new family members”. Doctors checked Uncle Ho’s conditions every day and adjusted drug dosage while nurses explained very clearly the use of each and every medicine which eased their mind.

The sweetest thing of all, was that Candy and her five other brothers and sisters took turn to spend time with their father in this “home away from home”. “We strived very hard to arrange our schedule so that he would be accompanied every minute,” she said. Uncle Ho would also jokingly ask “who would stay with him at ‘home’ that night”. Every Saturday, the whole family would gather around for food and sharings at the JCHH home. “It’s like the good old days…. when we were back home, mom and dad were always there for us,” said Candy.

In August, Uncle Ho passed away peacefully in JCHH. Candy was grateful that her father had spent his final days in such a special and meaningful way. What actually is the most important thing to a terminal patient? Uncle Ho answered this question with his stay at JCHH: wake up, and see all my loved ones around the bed, saying in gratitude, “Glad to see you all here.”

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