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The 27th Annual Hike for Hospice will take Hikers along challenging routes to the south east of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir. The start and finish will be located at No.7 Barbecue Site in Tai Lam Country Park, near Tai Tong, south of Yuen Long. Hikers are advised to take our arranged transportation as the venue is not easy to find and parking spaces are limited.

Choice of routes (Team and Individual Categories)

Participants of Team or Individual categories  will have a choice of three routes (The route is 14 km for Corporate Challenge and Alumni Challenge). The Short Route of 8 km (google map) is for casual and family hikers who like to linger along the way and take in the views. The Medium Route of 14 km (google map) has been devised for regular hikers who are comfortable with a three to four hour hike and a few inclines. The 22 km (google map) Long Route, with a number of steeper inclines, is for serious and competitive hikers who enjoy a challenge.

Introduction of the 3 routes

Three routes share the same initial section down to the head of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir. On reaching the Check Point 1, hikers of Short Route take left towards the Finish, while the Medium and Long Routes take right and continue eastward.

The Medium Route turns back toward the finish along the path to the left at the Check Point 2, while the Long Route continues to the east to pass close to Sheung Tong before heading back.

All three routes have a common section back from the head of the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, which leads up an scenic valley before heading over hills to descend to the finish, where the traditional Curry Lunch will be ready to reward hikers’ well earned appetites.

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